The Story of Camelot Farms

by Stan Stancil

We primarily raise whitetail deer and elk along with an occasional pair of longhorns, pigs, chickens, and turkeys at our other ranch. We enjoy the outdoors and breeding animals, but the coyotes were killing some of our calves and fawns every Spring. Since coyotes travel in packs I searched for dogs who were good in a home around family in addition to protecting animals on the ranch. The boerboel breed was a perfect match.

I initially focused on black boerboels thinking they would do better because coyotes usually hunt at night and black dogs would be harder to see (some more info on that).


Even so, our alpha female is brown.  We found color wasn’t really a factor. After a couple of skirmishes, the coyotes now disappear as soon as they spot a boerboel.

Owning a boerboel, however, necessitated a few changes in our behavior. Because they are a dominant breed, it is important for the dogs to see you and your entire family as “alpha”. For example, when you open the door to leaving the house, you and/or your children should go first, then have the dogs follow you. Everyone must communicate in dog language, otherwise this breed may assume they are the boss if they go first.


Boerboels consider themselves part of your pack. They are very protective of their owner, food, and toys. Socialization for these dogs is very important starting when they are puppies.  For example, we pet them them all over while they are eating when they are puppies. This way, they won’t think you are trying to take their food and you will be able to examine them if/when they have an injury or check them for ticks, etc.

This breed is assertive and affectionate as well as being very muscular and strong. Consequently, you should think twice about owning a large strong dog that weighs more than you. They will want to be with you at all times as they see you as part of their pack. It is important they know their place, accustomed to being around people and well behaved.

I initially chose several boerboel puppies for our family. Since our dogs aren’t in an individual pen, only one male is in the pack due the strong recommendation of another breeder friend who explained that many boerboel males don’t share well with each other. The dogs grew up with plenty of room to work and play. The reasons for breeding our male, Boo with Athena, was because of their looks, size, age, demeanor, ability to get along, and pedigrees. The boerboel breed was a perfect match.

If you've checked out the documents and the family tree of parents Boo and Athena, you already know that this litter of boerboerl puppies are from a truly special bloodline.

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The only other question is,

Are you ready to take one home?

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