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Our South African Boerboel Puppies are:

✓ Pedigree Certified Parents!

✓ Can be Picked up or delivered.

✓ Vet checked with shots and microchips

✓ in USA | Springfield, Indiana.

We primarily raise whitetail deer and elk along with an occasional pair of longhorns, pigs, chickens, and turkeys at our other ranch. We enjoy the outdoors and breeding animals, but the coyotes were killing some of our calves and fawns every Spring. Since coyotes travel in packs we searched for dogs who were good in a home around family in addition to protecting animals on the ranch.

The boerboel breed was a perfect match...

by Stan Stancil

The Story of Camelot Farms


Meet the Parents

"We make great pups!"

Boo & Athena

The Boerboel Litter

If you've checked out the documents and the family tree of parents Boo and Athena, you already know that this litter of boerboerl puppies are from a truly special bloodline.

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We're located in Springville Indiana

(1 hour south of Indianapolis or 15 minutes south of Bloomington.) Stop by for pickup or get your Boerboel Puppy delivered by Pet-Nanny flight.

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